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The Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Community

Xenites Unite!

3/9/15 09:32 pm - hencesquareone - Anyone still around?

I'm surprised this community fell by the wayside! The last con drew a huge crowd from the pictures I've seen!

*breathes life into the Xenites who might still be around*

7/10/13 08:30 pm - trobadora - trobadora: Cursebreaker (Xena/Ares) [PG-13]

Title: Cursebreaker
Pairing: Xena/Ares
Characters: Xena, Ares, Gabrielle
Rating: PG-13
Word count: ~5,300
Summary: "I take it you're here for the helmet." - Xena has stumbled across another plot of Ares's ... or has she?

( Cursebreaker )

2/16/13 04:54 pm - arebella - Miss ya, Kev!

Eleven years......how can that be possible?  Still think of you with much fondness and can still hear your laugh.  Hope wherever you are, you're happy and can feel the love your fans will always have for you.

11/27/12 05:22 pm - jessica_eliza



Some of you may already know who she is, some of you may know her by the characters she plays on TV (which is why I tagged a whole lot of characters/tv series that she played). To maybe refresh your memory, below are a list of her well-known roles.
  • EPHINY (Xena: Warrior Princess | Hercules: the Legendary Journey)
  • KATE LEIGH (Underbelly: Razor)
  • SHOTA (Legend of the Seeker)
  • And the most recent production, BEA “QUEEN B” SMITH on ‘Wentworth’, that is still in the filming stages.

  • a picture of yourself with your birthday message (keep it short & sweet, no essays please! Also, no disrespecful messages, funny business etc.) to her on it.
  • —OR—
  • a 10 seconds silent clip of yourself showing a written birthday message
In addition, if you wish, you can send in ONE fan art that YOU have made entirely by yourself. If it is a collage of pictures, make sure NONE of the pictures are art works of another person.

These pictures/short clips will be put into one video with a song playing over it.

Her Birthday: 26th December
Dateline: 15 December 2012
Email to: daniellecormackbdayproj@gmail.com
Your details: Name. Country. Twitter and/or Tumblr name (please specify)

Leave a comment below
Send it to the email address above
Tweet it to me (@spencerwinters)

[[PLEASE NOTE!!!!!!]]

11/2/12 05:03 am - aviapeacecraft - Selling Xena Gold Weekend Package ticket at discount price

Hey guys, I'm selling my Gold Weekend Package ticket, since I can no longer go T_T

I'm selling for $160 which is $309 less than the original price. The seat is Row B 009 which is close to the front of the stage. I use Paypal. ^_^. Message me if interested.

10/25/12 02:58 pm - rosalui - A Rambling Account of the Badassery of Xena and Its Impact on My Life

So somewhere around 1996, I started watching this TV show called Xena: Warrior Princess.  To this I owe my fascination with ancient warfare, my love of travel to foreign places, my affinity for knee-high boots, and my first steps toward feminism.

(Xena, Feminism, Women in Action Movies, Character Depth, Sexuality, and an Analysis of Her Outfit)

10/13/12 11:01 pm - xena4gabrielle - Hercules and Xena - The Battle for Mount Olympus Subtitle English

9/21/12 02:43 am - neversleeps

93 icons. -- 29 xena: warrior princess in a multifandom post.

here @ tragic_radiance.

8/10/12 10:00 pm - candychic125 - William Shatner documentary?

Hey guys,

Shatner was filming a documentary at the "Final" convention in Burbank last year.  Anyone know whatever happen to that?  Did he finish it?  Is it online or something...?

8/9/12 09:30 pm - gyri - Collector's Items for Sale

I have most of the issues of the official fan club newsletter for sale:


I'm asking $20 for each newsletter, not including S&H. I also have the official club kits 1, 2, 3, and 4, of which I can post photos.
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